Katie Gnau Knows

By: Katie Gnau, Elsafy Team Job interviews, new babies, big kids leaving the nest, changing relationship status … if any of these feel familiar to you, you may be thinking about a home sale. Dealing with these life transitions is a big job. I can help to make it easier by managing the steps in […]

Spring Market in February?

February isn’t exactly springtime in Milwaukee.  But if you’re considering selling your home, now is precisely the time to think spring.  Sure, your grass will be greener, the trees will look prettier, and the gardens will start to come alive in May and June.  But it’s also the time when there’s a whole lot more competition.  The best outcomes […]

Let’s get out the crystal ball…

There is no question that 2021 was an exciting year in the real estate market.  Overall home prices were up 12% in Whitefish Bay according to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS).  That’s the highest single-year value increase in my 24 years as a Realtor.  Many homeowners sold their home in days and achieved prices above their asking price.  It’s […]

How’s the Market You Ask?

There isn’t a week that goes by when I don’t bump into past client or friend at Sendik’s who asks, “hey Essam, how’s the market”?  It seems like a simple question.  But the answer is a bit more nuanced than you might think.   The answer depends on whether you are seller, buyer, investor, lender, […]