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Selling your home

No clichés, doublespeak, gimmicks or outdated tactics. Just solid, honest-to-goodness advice and creative strategies that work.

Our Selling Process

Wondering what your home is worth?

Home Valuation

Perhaps a better question is, “What will a buyer pay?”

Many factors contribute to establishing the right price such as recent sales, current competition, market conditions, home improvements, and the motivation of sellers and buyers. We analyze the hard data, interpret soft influences, and draw on our experience to help you get the highest price.

Smart preparation

We’ll help you determine the right steps.

It’s essential to make your home as emotionally appealing to buyers as possible. Preparing the right way is an important component. We’ll help you identify what to do, what not to do, and provide resources to get it all done.


Buyers need to make an emotional connection with your home. The way it looks, sounds, feels, smells all play a part in their impression. We have the staging resources and talent to get buyers excited from the moment they walk in.

Thoughtful details are always thought out down to each and every pillow selected for a couch and the items placed on open shelving.
Looking good!
Finding the right buyer…


Maximizing exposure.

We provide creative marketing ideas that maximize exposure to the largest qualified buyer pool and help identify the right one that’s a perfect match for your home.

Working for you…


We’re in your corner.

Being your strongest advocate and protecting your interests is one of the most important things we do.  That means being tough-minded while using finesse and skill to keep all parties engaged.  We always start with your goals in mind and then identify a pathway that protects your equity and gets us to closing.

Our Portfolio

Recent Listings

Happy clients we’ve represented.

Portfolio 1
2569 North Wahl Ave.
Milwaukee, WI
Portfolio 2
4865 N Larkin
Whitefish Bay, WI
Portfolio 3
5944 N Shoreland Ave
Whitefish Bay, WI
Portfolio 4
1950 W Dean Rd
River Hills, WI
Portfolio 5
833 E Lake Forest Ave
Whitefish Bay, WI
Portfolio 6
9728 N Courtland Drive
Mequon, WI
Portfolio 7
2500 E Wood Pl.
Shorewood, WI
Portfolio 8
151 W Blackhawk Rd
Fox Point, WI
Portfolio 9
414 E Willow Rd
Fox Point, WI
Portfolio 10
5227 N Idlewild Ave
Whitefish Bay, WI
Portfolio 11
369 E Ravine Baye Rd
Bayside, WI
Portfolio 12
5506 N Kent Ave
Whitefish Bay, WI
Portfolio 13
12644 N River Forest Circle
Mequon, WI
Portfolio 14
4508 N Bartlett Ave
Shorewood, WI
Portfolio 15
2024 N Fratney Street
Milwaukee, WI
Portfolio 16
880 E Birch Ave
Whitefish Bay, WI
Portfolio 17
5352 N Berkeley Blvd
Whitefish Bay, WI
If you’re thinking about these things, then you’re on the right track!

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