By: Katie Gnau, Elsafy Team

Job interviews, new babies, big kids leaving the nest, changing relationship status … if any of these feel familiar to you, you may be thinking about a home sale. Dealing with these life transitions is a big job. I can help to make it easier by managing the steps in your home sale. 

Preparing to Sell is personal. Your process will be impacted by the market and by your goals, priorities and timeline. It would not be possible to answer this question just for you, Dear Home Seller, in a blog. However, I will share some steps that are often included in the process. 

(1) Step One is for us to meet in your home. I will walk through with you and take a few notes and photos for my own reference. I’d love to hear what you like about the house, what has and has not worked well for you, and all about the updates and changes you’ve made while there. *Note: there is no need to clean or prepare for me during this meeting. I am a-ok seeing real life in action.* 

(2) Next, often during the same meeting, we will talk about your goals, timeline and priorities for the sale and how those might fit into the current market. I will share big picture information and specific data and highlight how each pertains to your house and your transition. 

(3) After our meeting and discussion, I will propose a plan for your sale and share that with you electronically. This plan will address needed preparation work, pricing considerations, and marketing strategy. 

(4) Prep work comes next. Many home sellers are intimidated by this stage. I will clearly share why I believe specific preparation items may or may not be worthwhile, and will allow you to make the decisions. I am holding a map, but you are in the drivers seat. Prep work may be as simply be packing away a few out of season items or as involved as renovations and repairs. I can recommend appropriate professionals and will help to manage timelines and budgets. 

(5) Once prep work is complete, I will stage the home and hire a professional photographer and videographer to capture it beautifully. A sign goes into the yard. Information is shared online with potential home buyers. 

(6) Showings begin. We invite Buyers into the home via showings and open house. I seek out feedback, then thoughtfully consider it and share kudos, questions and suggestions with you.

(7) Offer received. When we receive an Offer we will review terms together and negotiate as needed. Negotiations will continue through inspection, appraisal, and financing, if needed. My team and I will assure that all paperwork is filed correctly and all deadlines are met during the closing process. 

(8) Closing. You will sign your name a few times and hand over keys. The home is sold! Your next adventure begins. 

If you see a transition on the horizon, let’s chat about YOUR next steps.