We’ve come up with a list of some pretty awesome things you can do in your backyard to make summer even MORE exciting!

  1. Build a fairy garden.
  2. Bury the trampoline and then…
  3. Combine that in-ground trampoline with a SPLASH PAD.
  4. Play a game of kick croquet using hula hoops.
  5. Create a giant bubble with plastic sheeting and a fan.
  6. Add a tarp at the bottom of a slide with a sprinkler for a splash pad.
  7. Make a race car track in the grass with sand, rocks, and landscaping.
  8. Make a butterfly feeder.
  9. Cover rusted swingset chains with pool noodles.
  10. Play a refreshing game of water balloon piñatas.
  11. Sunflower forts > blanket forts.
  12. Create a backyard reading fort.
  13. Use cardboard boxes for a drive-in movie night.

But most importantly…. stop by the Whitefish Bay summer Ice Cream Socials that we’re happy to sponsor!