You don’t have to wait until spring to put up your “for sale” sign!

Even though interest rates have increased and post-pandemic demand has steadied, you don’t need to wait to sell if your home no longer meets your needs.

Here’s why now *might* be the right time for you to start the process:

1) Inventory is still low compared to historical data. If we price your home right, there’s no reason to think it won’t sell quickly, at (or even over!) asking price.

2) With inventory increasing, you may have more options when you’re searching for your next home. For the past couple of years, home sellers have been faced with the question of: “if we sell, where will we go?” Now, prospective sellers may have more choices and flexibility.

3) You marry the house and date the rate. Even though interest rates aren’t as low they were last year, you can lock in a rate today and refinance if/when rates do drop in the future.

The bottom line? The best time to sell is when the time is right for you/your family.