Congratulations!  You sold your home.  Now comes the difficult task of packing and getting ready to move.  Where do you start?  Here’s some to advice to get you on your way.  

Secure Movers Early

If you’re going to employ the help of professional movers or rent a moving truck, then your first step is to secure them early.  These services book up fast, especially at the end of each month.  Start by making reservations as early as possible.

Create A Plan

Things get done on time when you’ve got a plan.  Begin by working backwards from the desired move date.  Then layout all the steps of the process, attach a completion date, and identify who is responsible.  “Many hands make light work” as they say.  So, invite friends to help and share the workload.

Load Up on Supplies

Invest in plenty of boxes, tape, shrink wrap, bubble wrap, labels, markers, and packing paper.  Wardrobe boxes, found at U-Haul are a fast way to empty out closets.

Our Stuff

We are very good at accumulating “stuff”.  Our basements, attics, and garages are full of all kinds of things we thought we needed.  The last thing you want is to move junk that you no longer need.  Create 3 categories of possessions:  toss, donate, pack.

  • Toss – Only you can decide what’s important, but most professional organizers recommend you get rid of anything that hasn’t been touched in a year.  Get unwanted items out on the curb and call the Village of Whitefish Bay for a “special pick up”.  It’s a truly great and low-cost service.
  • Donate – Local charities helping disadvantaged citizens and refugees would love clothing and furniture.  Be sure that it’s lightly used and in good condition.
  • Pack – what’s left should be separated into 2 categories.  First, are items you’re taking but don’t need now – for example out of season clothing. Begin packing those now.  The second category are items that are used until the final days. Those are typically, in season clothing and kitchen items.  Remember that boxes should be labeled with what’s inside and in which room it’s going.  For example, “Max’s toys – basement”.

Transfer Accounts

Terminate current accounts and set up new accounts for utilities, internet, the postal service, lawn and snow care, and homeowner’s insurance.

Kids and Pets

Routine is important for both kids and pets.  Packing and moving is certainly a tumultuous time, so it’s easy for them to feel stressed.  Help by being just little extra patient, maintaining as much of their normal routine as possible, and waiting until the very end to pack their spaces.

Whether you’re moving down the block or across the country, I wish you a safe and happy transition to your new home!